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Pride Street – Walter Mayerhofer Welcome Edit

New Walter Edit for Pride Street! Enjoy!

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The Russian Scene – Blackbird Movie

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Video – Click on Picture.

“During the 2014 season in Moscow, Russia we proudly announced our new video and we’ve really put a lot of work in it. The main idea was to show the riding here from different angels, by using stories of 6 different riders, with different riding levels, ages and styles. We really hope that you will enjoy it and that it will motivate you to get up and go ride, right now.”

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Bicycle Nightmares – The Death Of Post Office

“Post Office was where we all met our best friends, created careers and influenced the youth of today. We had as much fun as we could riding and digging. I would like to thank everyone that came out the last week and showed their support and love for dirt jumping. The spirit of Post lives on and will never die.” – Alex Reveles

RIP – Post Office!

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Brett Rheeder’s Groundwaves ft. Ruben Alcantara

“It would be a lie to say that we aren’t constantly inspired by all forms of biking, whether it’s BMX, slopestyle, freeride, or even road. Last year, Brett Rheeder’s first Dream Capture episode, Airs and Alleys, was heavily inspired by a trip produced by BMX legend Ruben Alcantara where he placed portable ramps throughout an urban environment.”

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Lisboa Winter Jam 2015


“Mais uma vez a maltinha da HUC & STKLND a fazer das deles, street jam em lisboa com prémios e quem sabe convidados especiais uhuhuhuh, fiquem atentos!!!!!”

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Brett Rheeder’s Groundwaves ft. Ruben Alcantara (Teaser)

“Could you imagine how awesome it would be if Brett Rheeder and BMX legend Ruben Alcantara rode bikes together in Malaga, Spain?”

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“The Roosters want to introduce themselves with this video that shows the values they have as a team. That values give them the chance to travel long distances on fixed gear bikes always with their full messenger bags and no assistance. More than friends, a family.
The Roosters were founded one year ago. After their first trip from Madrid to Bordeaux in 4 days, they decided to keep with this project based in friendship, respect and cycling.”

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