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Esta para breve um novo VVC Force e este promete (ver aqui)! Enquanto não chegam mais novidades desta malta fica aqui um throwback a um dos clássicos VVC Force 2009

Podem encontrar também aqui na pagina o VVC Force 2010 clica aqui.

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Uma boa retrospectiva.

“ABOVE BELOW is the first full-length BMX feature from Monster Energy in association with DIG BMX. This two part film sees a diverse group of riders Ben Lewis, Dakota Roche, Fernando Laczko, Ed Zunda, Nathan Williams and Dan Lacey travel the world pushing the limits of BMX progression under the watchful lens of the director, Richard Forne.”

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Asylum Skatepark

With Tom Kilcoyne, Sam Marples and Fraz Hill.

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Menduni & Plonka at Epic Bikepark – The Rise

Park Sesh with Menduni & Plonka.

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Serg Matt Interview

Entrevista com Serg Matt com uns toques pelo meio. Perceber o Russo é que é o mais difícil!

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VVC Force Intro

We decided to come out from the underground, and now we’re owning the streets again.
Refresh your memory by watching our vimeo channel… And forget it once and for all.
From now on we’re starting new VVC Force — we and our friends will be making lots of content. So, keep up with us and check our newsletter on

O Clássico!

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