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John New Neuhauser 2015 – The Rise Street MTB

New John Neuhauser edit in Austria!

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Merry Jib-mas – CliqueMTB

“Im no longer riding 24″ after switching from my NS Capital 24″, to My Beddo Neat 26 that I just feel so much more comfortable on. But here’s a few clips from over the past year or so that I just had a lot of fun getting while i was on my 24”.

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The Russian Scene – Blackbird Movie

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Video – Click on Picture.

“During the 2014 season in Moscow, Russia we proudly announced our new video and we’ve really put a lot of work in it. The main idea was to show the riding here from different angels, by using stories of 6 different riders, with different riding levels, ages and styles. We really hope that you will enjoy it and that it will motivate you to get up and go ride, right now.”

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Aidan Horn – Welcome to The Rise

Welcome Edit de Aidan Horn!

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Serj Matt – Welcome to Pride Street Pro Team

Serj Matt para a Pride Street na Rússia, muito bom!

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