50:10 Back Wheel Enjoyment

Pump Track Session!

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Industry 9 – Aidan Horn in North America

Bangers from Aidan Horn for Industry 9!

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Bikecheck: Walter Mayerhofer’s Partymaster


Partymaster from Walter Mayerhofer’s with some sick shots, click on picture to see the full bikecheck.

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Today – Sean Watson

New clip from Sean Watson with creative moves on flatground!

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Brandon Semenuk Hits a Flowy Slopestyle Trail in the Woods | Raw 100

“100 seconds in length, no slow motion footage, and no music.”

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Ludwig Jaeger Park Sessions

“Laying down some serious brakeless steeze with Ludwig Jaeger!”

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VVC FORCE 2015 – Full Movie

Full Movie is On! VVC Force 2015 from Russia, Have a seat and Enjoy!

“*For non-Russian speakers there are captions in English. You can turn it on using the CC button in the vimeo player.
We also suggest to download the original movie file (by clicking the “download” button) to view in a higher quality.

MTB industry in Russia goes by its own, strange way. It has begun dying even before it was truly born. All-season infrastructure for training, regular competitions, full sponsorship contracts — none of it is about Russia. Because of that, even the most talented guys are betting their lives on something else: to live by riding there is impossible.
For 5 years we’ve been accumulating anger and rage to make this film. We gathered everyone together to show a big shiny ass to the current circumstances, which almost broken us down. And we give you a chance to appreciate whether we could do it or not!
This is completely non-commercial film, made with the passion of participants to bring new life into this miscarriage industry in Russia!
Hope you’ll get glued to the screen and would like to see more.

P.S. Live to the fullest and don’t be afraid to seem sick!”

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Street Sesh 5 – João Vidal

Awesome edit from João Vidal with some tech moves on the streets of Aveiro!

Thanks for share with us!

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